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New Laws Passed in 2016 (Police Quotas Unlawful in SC)

Written on January 2nd 2017.

I found a handful of interesting laws that were enacted in 2016, most of which passed and were signed into law by Governor Haley with no fanfare.  For instance, South Carolina Code Section 23-1-245 deems police quotas unlawful.  Specifically, the statue mandates that a law enforcement agency may not… read more

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Expungement in South Carolina

Written on June 22nd 2016.

As a criminal defense lawyer, one of the questions my clients most frequently ask is, “Are my charges eligible for expungement?”

Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” answer to that question.  The rules are different based on what type of offense it is, whether you were found Guilty or N… read more

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Sting Operations and the ATF

Written on June 2nd 2014.

USA Today had a very interesting article about the Federal Government, particularly the ATF, and the agency’s use of sting operations; most interesting is the backlash the ATF is now receiving from the Federal Judiciary. Check it out, it is worth the read:… read more

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