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Coffee Jitters = DUI?

A California man was charged wtih DUI and there was nothing in his system except for Caffeine.  The man was pulled over by an undercover agent with the California Alcohol and Beverage Control agency and arrested for Driving Under the Influence.  He registered .00% on the breath test and a blood draw… read more

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Breathalyzer Problems


Below is an article out of New Jersey detailing a class action law suit seeking to overturn 20,000 DUI convictions.  It is alleged that an officer with the New Jersey Highway Patrol missed a step when calibrating thier breathalyzer machine, thereby invalidating thoursands of breath test results… read more

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State Chemist Accused of Perjury in DUI Cases

Below is a link to an article out of Texas detailing a chemist from a state lab allegedly offering perjured testimony in DUI trials.  The chemist has two problems, first he mixed up blood that was drawn as evidence in DUI cases, and second it appears that he has been offering perjured testimony conc… read more

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DUI and the Ignition Interlock Device

Ignition Interlock Device

In 2014 the South Carolina Legislature passed “Emma’s Law” which retooled many of the Driving Under the Influence (DUI) laws.  The largest overhaul dealt with the expansion of the use of the Ignition Interlock Device.  This can be good or bad for a person who is facing a… read more

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Expungement in South Carolina

As a criminal defense lawyer, one of the questions my clients most frequently ask is, “Are my charges eligible for expungement?”

Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” answer to that question.  The rules are different based on what type of offense it is, whether you were found Guilty or N… read more

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Former Gamecock Victor Hampton Found Not Guilty of DUI

Former Gamecock Victor Hampton found not guilty of DUI. A side note to this story is how easy it is for bad news to make the press, but how hard it is for good news to make the press. It is really easy to find many, many stories about Victor Hampton being arrested for DUI, but you have to dig to fin… read more

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