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White Collar Crimes

“White Collar Crime” refers to crimes committed for financial gain, usually by people working in business or government. As with any arrest or allegation of criminal activity, being accused of a white collar crime can affect your job, your family and your future. Punishment for white collar crimes can include jail time and substantial fees beyond just repayment of money stolen. To protect yourself, you need an experienced, aggressive attorney on your side.

Attorney John D. Newkirk is an experienced lawyer for white collar crimes in Greenville, South Carolina, and the surrounding Upstate S.C. region. As a former prosecutor with more than ten years of experience practicing law in Greenville County, John Newkirk understands the law and how best to protect you.

Lawyer John D. Newkirk defends clients accused of these and other related white collar crimes:


Copying a document, signature, contract or other item.

Breach of Trust

This is South Carolina’s term for “embezzlement,” or when an employee takes advantage of the trust given them in their job to obtain money (like taking the company car or purchasing items on the company credit card).


Deliberate deception for the goal of financial gain.

Financial Transaction Card Fraud (or FTC Fraud)

A form of theft using a credit, debit or ATM card deceptively to obtain money, goods or credit.

Check Fraud

Forging, counterfeiting or altering checks to pay for goods or to access checking accounts.

Violation of S.C. Computer Crimes Act

Accessing a computer or software with the intent to defraud someone or commit a crime.

Obtaining Controlled Substance by Fraud

Acquiring, obtaining or attempting to obtain prescription medications using fraudulent means, like forging a prescription, “doctor shopping,” or stealing doctors’ information.

These are very basic definitions only. To fully understand any crime you’ve been accused of or to begin your defense, contact John D. Newkirk today at 864.467.3221.

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