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State Chemist Accused of Perjury in DUI Cases

Below is a link to an article out of Texas detailing a chemist from a state lab allegedly offering perjured testimony in DUI trials.  The chemist has two problems, first he mixed up blood that...

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DUI and the Ignition Interlock Device

Ignition Interlock Device In 2014 the South Carolina Legislature passed “Emma’s Law” which retooled many of the Driving Under the Influence (DUI) laws.  The largest overhaul...

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Expungement in South Carolina

As a criminal defense lawyer, one of the questions my clients most frequently ask is, “Are my charges eligible for expungement?” Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits...

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Former Gamecock Victor Hampton Found Not Guilty of DUI

Former Gamecock Victor Hampton found not guilty of DUI. A side note to this story is how easy it is for bad news to make the press, but how hard it is for good news to make the press. It is really...

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Sting Operations and the ATF

USA Today had a very interesting article about the Federal Government, particularly the ATF, and the agency’s use of sting operations; most interesting is the backlash the ATF is now receiving...

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South Carolina Drug Case Tool Kit, 2nd Edition

The updated South Carolina Drug Case Tool Kit is now available through the South Carolina Bar. We updated several sections that were impacted because of changes in the law and added several new topics...

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Changing a Child’s Name

One of the more frequent calls I receive is from a parent wanting to change their child’s name. In the majority of cases a parent wants to change a child’s last name. By the time the...

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